Risk and Safety Managment

Speak with our team of experts to see how we can help your business manage risk and reduce costs.

  • Safety and loss prevention

    From workplace safety evaluations to safety training program development, we work to ensure your employees are safe and happy.

  • Claim management

    Our claim management for work-related injuries will save you time, money and valuable resources.

  • Comprehensive workers comp

    We provide fully-insured pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation coverage through an A-rated carrier.


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Workers Comp Services

We do everything you did not go into business to do. Contact us and see how you can get it done with Staff One.

Don’t Put Your Business At Risk

You are not simply passionate about your business. You are an expert at what you do. But are you an expert on risk in the workplace? How about your obligations and liabilities if an employee is injured? Or the current state laws?
What you definitely know is where your Workers Comp or Employer Liability Insurance is located on your ledger and how much it subtracts from your bottom line. For some businesses, the time necessary to understand and address workplace risks and exposure to liability is cost prohibitive.
Staff One has been providing tailored risk management services to companies great and small in Texas and Oklahoma for almost three decades. Our experience is backed by the independent non-profit Certification Institute, which has awarded our team the Best Practices Certification in Workers’ Compensation Risk Management. Meet our team of experts and see how we can reduce your risk and costs.

Stress Free PEO Risk Management

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What We Do

We understand that your business is unique. Staff One’s risk management experts perform a personalized role that insurance companies are not equipped to fill. We are able to do this because we work with you to address your distinctive workplace and task-specific needs. We help your organization safeguard against claims and erroneous claim charges, which ultimately controls costs.

Don’t put your business or employees at risk. Work with Staff One to ensure you avoid any unnecessary risks and provide a safe work environment for your employees.

How We Do It

We work hands-on with your organization to evaluate areas of exposure and then implement proven comprehensive risk management strategies. Rest assured, we don’t simply give advice and walk away.  
We take care of any of your employees who suffer job-related injuries. Conversely, we aggressively pursue any claims we believe may be fraudulent. Plus we monitor any possible Workers Comp changes, like those coming from judicial rulings, and create an action plan accordingly.